I am a dreamer.  I dream of fitted garments, couture runways and jet setting across the globe.  I dream of immersing myself in different cultures, cuisines and garb.  For years these dreams have been kept close to my heart.  A beautiful little secret I darned not share.  But, all good things are made even more delicious when shared with others.  So consider this an invitation to share in my fantasy, a collaborative effort between my opulent, fanciful imagination and my realistic, grounded lifestyle.  From high-end luxury items to thrifty basement bargains, this blog is an invitation to dream with me.  I hope reading my blog will provide you with a sense of fantasy…if only for a moment.

FIVE THINGS: A few questions you may have and an interesting tidbit or two.

1) My blog name is a play on my first name.  My first name is a traditional Ghanaian name and was given to me due to the day of the week in which I was born.  In the Ghanaian culture, babies are given a “house” name, which is typically used amongst friends and family members, and a Christian name used in formal settings.  Your “house” name was determined by the day of week in which you were born.  I was born on a Tuesday in April and my name is Araba.

2) I chose to start this blog as a creative outlet.  I love learning and talking about fashion, beauty, travel and anything lifestyle related. I simply wanted a place to share my interests and all of the amazing things that I have learned and continue to learn.

3) I learned how to drive on a manual transmission car that was almost as old as I was.  I used to refer to the car as my younger sibling because it’d been in the family for as long as I could remember.  Recently, my younger brother earned his learners permit and was able to do so with the same car!

4) I am multilingual.  As a product of two countries and cultures, I grew up exposed to different languages.  I’ve always loved learning new languages because it allows me the ability to converse with and learn from individuals from different parts of the globe.

5) I have always loved to travel both domestically and internationally and have been grateful for the opportunity to travel to many places.  As I got older, the idea of traveling alone grew increasingly appealing.  Last year, I finally made the decision to embark on a month-long backpacking trip spanning 3 countries, overcoming a few fears.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Thank you for visiting A TUESDAY IN APRIL!

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