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Lip Survival – A Story Of Desperation

by Araba-

Today’s simple post is an ode to the lip moisturizer.  One of the hardest working and essential beauty items, this product rarely gets it’s time in the spot light.  I decided to write a post about one of my favorite beauty product, yes lip moisturizers are one of my ‘holy grail’ beauty products, after a desperate experience yesterday.

My day at work began as any Tuesday typically does, checking emails, making a priority list for my work demands, returning client calls, etc.  About an hour into the work day, I realized that I’d forgotten my lip balm at home.  I checked my coat pockets, my purse, every corner of my desk and even my car and came up empty handed.  Panic stricken, I decided to book it out of the office and into the first drugstore I could find.  Fortunately for me, and my increasingly dry lips (TMI?), there seems to be a CVS, Rite Aid or the sort on every street corner in the country.  Seriously, these things are about a mile apart but I digress.  I was finally able to relax and continue with my work day after coughing up $4 for an EOS (like I said, I was desperate!).  Needless to say, I learned my lesson yesterday.  Never again will I leave home without a lip moisturizer.  Seriously folks, I’m talking essential desert island must have.

Burt's Bees - Lip Balm



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