My First Week As A Blogger

by Araba-

Happy Monday everyone! It’s been nearly a year since I began this blog and I thought it’d be fun to revisit my first week of blogging today.

BurrWardrobe Wish List :: Burberry Colour Block Check Blanket Poncho
My first blog post was a Wardrobe Wish List featuring the Burberry Colour Block Check Blanket Poncho.  I was obsessed with this poncho long before it became the must have item of fall 2014.  I bookmarked the Burberry site and would occasionally revisit the page, imagining how incredibly fabulous it would be to walk through the streets of Manhattan and Chicago with this poncho.  But alas, at $1,395, it was, and still remains, a wish list item.

Hyper Hue Colorful Mascara

Hyper Hue :: Colorful Mascara
Fittingly, my second blog post featured my favorite makeup trick, using colored mascara to brighten my eyes.  This is my favorite post to date.  Reading it makes me laugh every time.  The language is fun, upbeat and very representative of my personality.  The subject matter is one of my favorites as well.  I still reach for the Sephora Collection Full Action Extreme Effect Mascara on the days I’m inclined to wear mascara and do so quite often.

feature - jcrew

In My Closet :: J.Crew Summer Sale
My love of J.Crew and end of season sales should come as no surprise to those who’ve followed my blog for the past year.  So combining the two during my first week of blogging was a no brainer for me.  I kept 3 out of the 4 items pictured (the skirt and I just didn’t work out) and still love pairing them with other pieces in my wardrobe.

Reflecting back on that first week, I realize how fitting each of those posts were.  I remember how nervous yet excited I was to publish my first post.  I remember the amount preparation and anxiety that went into preparing my blog for that first week. Be sure to check back on Wednesday to read about the highs and lows of my first year blogging including my plans for the future.

Thank you so much for reading and supporting this blog!

With love,



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