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Happy Monday everyone!  We’ve had more than our fair share of cloudy days and thunderstorms as of late. While the weather report often indicates clear and sunny skies, those have been few and far between.  So, today’s Over the Weekend is actually a bit of a throwback to a few weekends ago when I enjoyed one of the best brunches in my hometown of Ann Arbor, MI.  The Gandy Dancer is a well know and loved establishment in the city of Ann Arbor.  Located in an old train station, Gandy Dancer is loved for its delicious menu option, friendly service and charm.  While I’d dined there a few times over the years, I’d yet to enjoy the very popular brunch buffet and I’m glad I was finally able to do so.

Delicious Mango Bellini Mango Bellini  The best waffles I've ever tasted
I was a little too busy enjoying my meal to snap pics of each plate but managed to get one of the best waffles, mango bellini and cheese tarts I have ever tasted.  If you ever find yourself in Ann Arbor, be sure to make time for this amazing and delicate treat.

Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you have a beautiful start to your week.

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Happy Wednesday everyone! I haven’t posted very consistently over the past week but I’ll be back to my regular posting schedule with posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting on June 15th. I’ll have some great content for you and want to thank you for your patience and loyalty!

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Happy Monday everyone! A few weeks ago I decided to take a new approach to the wish list series by taking a look at the items currently in my Sephora (here) and Banana Republic (here) shopping baskets.  Since those were so well received, I’ve decided to extend this version of the series which will be in addition to the traditional wish list posts in which I feature only one item from a particular brand (see past fashion and beauty wish list posts).  Today’s wardrobe wish list takes a look at what’s currently in my Anthropologie shopping bag.


Anthropologie Dresses SS 2015

Skirts + Shorts

Anthropologie Skirts and shorts - SS 2015

Tops + Jackets

Anthropologie Tops and Jackets - SS 2015

While the Midwest has been experiencing some not so spring like weather as of late (it’s been raining quite a bit and getting a little colder), this basket is full of things perfect for both spring and summer.  As you can see from the screenshots, I love their dresses and if I could fill my closet with Anthropologie dresses, I would.  But alas, my budget will not allow for it.   If I were to purchase all of the items in my Anthropologie basket, it would round to a grand total over $3,000 which is just slightly (and by slightly I mean astronomically) out of my budget.

Let me know what your current Anthropologie favorites are.

Thank you for reading!  Hope you have a great start to your week.