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Happy Monday everyone!  We’ve been experiencing our fair share of rainy, cold and cloudy days in this part of the country so I was sure to soak up every moment of sun and warmth the weekend had to offer.

OTW :: Sushi

My weekend was filled with good eats and great conversations with friends beginning with a delicious assortment of sushi.  I also had the opportunity to take a trip to Detroit where I discovered Detroit Vegan Soul, a popular (and rightfully so) venture on Agnes street.  While I’m not a vegan, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Detroit Vegan Soul (DVS) to others.  It has a great atmosphere, friendly staff and delicious food.

OTW  :: Vegan Brunch In Detroit(Had to hold my skirt down because it was so windy!)

While at DVS, I took a walk around the neighborhood and fell in love with Parker street which is beautifully lined with trees.  Though streets like this are few and far between in Detroit, I’m quite confident Detroit will experience a renaissance soon enough making streets and neighborhoods like this the norm.

Thank you for reading!  I hope you have a beautiful start to your work week!

All the best, Araba


I came across this article a few weeks ago during a particularly busy and stressful time.  My busy and stressful schedule was interfering with my sleeping habits and I was having trouble falling asleep and enjoying restful sleep.  While initially a little skeptical, I decided to give this method of falling asleep quickly a try.  Developed by a Harvard wellness practitioner, this method is quite simple:

4 – Breathe through your nose for four seconds
7 – Hold your breath for seven seconds
8 – Exhale through your mouth for eight seconds

Repeat as necessary.

While I can’t say I’m always able to fall asleep within 1 minute, I’ve found this method quite helpful over the last few weeks.

Thanks for reading! Hope this post helps you enjoy long and restful sleep this week!


Happy Wednesday everyone! As you all know, I decided to cut back on my early morning chai tea lattes a few months ago due to my redirected focus on health and fitness.  While I haven’t completely cut out all lattes, I’ve significantly reduced my consumption to only one per week.  This past Monday, I was in desperate need of my tried and true favorite and made my way to the local Starbucks.  I made my order and asked for an extra pump of chai for stronger flavor.  The barista then remarked “Why don’t I just make it without water and see if you like that?”.

Starbucks Tips I didn't Know

I’ve been told on many occasion that I’m quite expressive even when I don’t mean to be.  That became apparent when she let out a little laugh and began to explain what she meant because of the incredibly puzzled look on my face.  We then went on to have a conversation about all the many Starbucks hacks/Starbucks secrets most patrons of the internationally loved chain don’t know.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Starbucks Chai Tea Latte

1) I occasionally venture outside of the world of chai tea lattes in favor of a caramel macchiato.  The barista mentioned I try a Marbled Mocha Macchiato.  While the drinks are quite similar, the Marbled Mocha provides more flavor and is great for those who truly enjoy the taste of white mocha.

2) For ice latte lovers, try a doppio which is simply two shots of espresso but allows you the freedom of mixing in whichever milk you prefer.

3) When asking for an extra shot with your frappuccino, mention you’d like it to be ‘affogato’ style.  This simply means the shot is added at the end and on top of the drink, giving you a better shot-to-drink ratio.

4) If you’re anything like me, you often find yourself sitting in Starbucks or other coffee spots for long periods of time.  To save on the amount of drinks you purchase in order to continue using the free wifi guilt free, try ordering a french press.  This reduces the need to continue buying drinks thus saving your wallet.

5) Finally, check out this site for delicious Starbucks concoctions.  Although I’ve tried many of those drinks, hence the need for being more conscious of my diet, I think I’m going to stay away from them in the foreseeable future.

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know what your favorite Starbucks tips/hacks are in the comments section below.